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The Healer’s Report Card

Are you living a balanced healer’s life?

When I use the word “healer”, I am referring to anyone who uses their intention, presence, intuition, touch, words and/or heart to care for and help move another toward wholeness.

The Healing work that we do whether it is massage, energy work, counseling, etc calls upon every part of a healer’s being. It calls us to be a clear vessel. It calls us to know how to set our agenda aside. It calls us to see our clients with new eyes. It is a calling and when we say ‘yes’ to the calling there is a hidden unwritten ‘Healer’s Contract’.

There is a clause in the contract that states that the healer must include themselves in the healing container. Healer Heal Thyself! (This must be written in 8 point font because it is so often left out.)

Burnout is very common in the healing profession. It is the tendency of healers to be givers. We feel called to serve, to give, and to make people feel better. But it is often at the expense of our own energy system. Chronic fatigue, adrenal burnout, and physical pain are very common complaints. There are limits to giving.

Think of yourself as your vehicle. For every 10 gallons of gas out, at least 10 gallons of gas need to go in (maybe even 11 or 12). If you run on reserves for too long, you will run out of gas.

It is important to live a balanced life when we are doing healing work. It is important that we are disciplined for self-care. Body, mind and spirit must be cared for and balanced.

We don’t have to be impeccable to be a healer but we do need to be earnest in our efforts. It is important to aware of how and when we override our inner knowing of what is enough and what is too much. If you listen closely enough your body will tell you.

Below is a Healer’s report Card. Don’t worry, nobody will be standing over you to reprimand you. You get to rate yourself. Be open and curious. Be honest, kind and gentle with yourself. This could be quite illuminating.

Rate yourself on a scale of 1 – 10 . 1= rarely , 10=regularly

  1. I engage in physical exercise (yoga, walking, biking, swimming, etc).

  2. I eat whole foods (veggies, fruits, organics, etc)

  3. I drink plenty of water.

  4. I get plenty of sleep.

  5. I limit the amount of mind altering substance (alcohol, drugs, TV, etc)

  6. I limit the use of caffeine.

  7. I engage in energy exercise (tai chi, chi gong, etc).

  8. I receive healing work.

  9. I find time for solitude.

  10. I find time for quiet (meditation, prayer, etc)

  11. I spend time in nature.

  12. I cross whole days off in my calendar to engage in wholesome, replenishing activities or rest.

  13. I have an awareness of my emotional state and tend to those emotions in a kind and gentle way.

  14. I tend to my emotional life (heartfelt conversations, counseling or therapy, NVC, etc)

  15. I am on a personal healing journey (to heal trauma, wounds, conditioning, belief systems that don’t serve me, to understand my emotional/spiritual being, to heal and open my heart, to fully love and accept myself, etc).

So… How did you rate on the Healer’s Report Card?

150 points: Awesome! Your mind, body and Spirit deeply thanks you! You will likely have long and fruitful journey as a healer.

70 Points: You are hanging in the balance. You are doing some self-care. Yea! Now, look closely at the missing pieces and kindly add a few.

15 points: uh oh! It is time for a deep inward look. Why are you neglecting yourself? Find some support to help you learn to care and love yourself.

Here are a few good questions to ask yourself on a regular basis:

What can you do to nurture and care for yourself better? What can you do to maintain or build your energy reserves?  What boundaries do I need to set so that I don’t give all of myself away?

Every day choose a minimum of 5 things that you can do to care for yourself.

Fill in the blank and then put this into your written schedule: Every day I refuel myself by:______________________________________________________________

Enjoy your Self!

“Do you take regular visits to yourself?” ~Rumi
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