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Who Is Regina Callahan?

In Regina’s Words:

“Underlying and weaving through all of my work is my long-time practice of meditation. My grounded presence, compassion, and willingness to listen are the gifts that I bring to each individual session.

Recognizing the connectivity of all beings and honoring the uniqueness of each person, I tailor a session to the needs of an individual. I use my gifts of perception to sense deeply into what is needed for a client to heal. I have a diverse background to draw from. My techniques range from very gentle to deep, from profoundly still to dynamic therapeutic deep tissue or movement.”

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Regina Callahan, LMT (Lic # 14765) has been passionately studying, practicing and teaching massage and bodywork since 1986. She is Board Certified by the NCBTMB.  She is a Certified Biodynamic Cranial Touch/Stillness Touch Practitioner, Certified Visionary Craniosacral Work® Practitioner, Certified Orthopedic Massage Practitioner and Instructor, and Yoga Instructor. She has over 4000 hours of training in a variety of bodywork techniques.

Her work and teaching employ 4 strong yet fluid and flexible pillars that form the "automatic suspended shifting fulcrum" (1) foundation of her work - Craniosacral Work, Orthopedic Massage/manual therapies, Meditation and Nature

The Pillars

Craniosacral Work

Regina discovered Craniosacral Work in 1988. She delights in learning the subtle physiology and energies of the body as well as learning to gently work on the deepest structures of the body.

She has had the blessed opportunity to study with world renowned Craniosacral teachers: Hugh Milne, John Upledger, Giorgia Milne, Benjamin Shield, Charles Ridley, Alan Gehin, Frank Lowen, Gail Wetzler, and Kerry D'Ambrogio. 

Regina was privileged to teach Visionary Craniosacral Work® with the Milne Institute for 18 years.

In 2018 Regina founded the Still Mountain Healer School for Craniosacral Studies. If you are interested in studying Craniosacral Work, click here.

More about Craniosacral Work

Orthopedic Massage/Manual Therapies

In 1989 Regina completed a 200-hour Orthopedic Massage Certification with Tom Hendrickson, D.C. which gave her a solid foundation in understanding clinical approaches to working with clients with injuries or chronic pain. She continued her studies with Dr. Hendrickson, acquired certification as an instructor with the Institute of Orthopedic Massage (currently called the Hendrickson Method), and taught at the Institute in Berkeley for 12 years.

She complemented her studies with a three-year training in Somatic Education with Randy Cherner. Somatic Education is a Feldenkrais based movement modality integrated with intuitive Craniosacral Work. Here she found the tools to help clients release habitual patterns of movement and posture that might lead to chronic pain and tension.


Regina feels that the perfect complement to her healing work with clients is 'The Way of Liberation" - the teachings of Adyashanti - a non-dual spiritual teacher. His teachings resonate deeply with Regina.  The practices of meditation and self-inquiry bring her into a grounded and compassionate state of BEing. This is a deep and rich place from which to truly meet someone. Regina continues to deepen her journey under the guidance of Sharon Landrith - a teacher in the lineage of Adyashanti.


Regina feels most alive in the wilds - hiking, cross country skiing, biking, kayaking or just sittin' on a rock by the river. She was a river guide for many years for Friends of the River - an environmental non-profit. Here she guided participants down rapids and taught them about the importance of preserving the wilderness. She also taught new river guides the subtleties of reading the rapids, how to navigate and how to remain calm in emergencies.


She is infused by the stillness and aliveness of the mountains, the sounds of the birds, drinking in the beauty of the trees and wildflowers and the mind of nature. 

A little bit more...

Always interested in self evolution (as well as the evolution of planetary consciousness), Regina has in-depth study and experience with Non-Violent Communication (the work of Marshall Rosenberg), Anusara Yoga, Hannah Somatics, Mindfulness tools and practices.

In 2001, Regina spent a delightful year of immersion reawakening and nurturing her skills of perception with Intuitive Anne Armstrong.

Regina is also a Certified Life Coach blending her skills and practices to share Mindfulness Stress Reduction. 

Education is an important component to Regina’s philosophy. She values helping others to feel empowered to help themselves. She enjoys teaching clients how to bring their body/mind/spirit back to balance. She will often offer a yoga pose, somatic exercise, mindfulness tool, stillness practice or words of wisdom to enhance their healing process.


1: Automatic shifting fulcrums: a term coined by W. G. Sutherland DO (the founder of Craniosacral Work) to denote natural organizing fulcrums within the human system. These fulcrums are concentrations of potency (embodied ordering forces), which maintains overall tissue organization throughout life and orients tissue form and motility to the primal midline. Automatic shifting fulcrums naturally shift within the cycles of the fluid tide as part of mid-tide dynamics. As the natural fulcrum shifts, the related tissue field shifts in resonance.

Relief is in Sight
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