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Wilderness Trips 

with Still Mountain Healer

NOTE: Sadly… Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic there are no wilderness trips currently scheduled. When trailheads open back up, a schedule will be posted. 

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.”


Nature provides an inherent quiet and spaciousness. When we attune to it from a curious open field of Awareness, our inner world shifts. We can find ourselves immersed in our True Nature and we connect to the world around us refreshed. Even though we might feel tired from our physical exertion our cells are revitalized, our Soul recharged. 

Mindfully spending time in nature is an excellent opportunity to commune with the natural world. It is a great way to tune into our inner and outer world in a new way. We learn to globally listen to the sounds of nature – the rustle of the wind in tress, the sounds of the birds, the sound of the babbling creek. We learn to feel grounded in our feet on the earth. We learn to feel the inherent support of the air, sun, the wind, the trees, and the elementals. We learn to revel in the beauty of the flowers, ferns, dew drops, mist in the tress. We learn to listen to the voices of nature and learn what our true inner voice sounds like. We find parts of ourselves that we thought we left behind.

I invite to join me for journeys into the wilds…


Mindful “Semi-Silent” Hiking: half day or full day hikes.

Mindful “Semi-Silent” Hiking is a safe way to explore nature with fellow Beings. This is a guided walk/hike with an experienced outdoor hiker/skier/cyclist/whitewater guide. We gather for an opening circle to connect with ourselves, to the earth and to our fellow walkers. Some guidance for Mindful practice will be offered. Each person will walk in silence with the mindful intent to truly open and listen in a new way. We take a break for lunch to silently take in the view as well as enjoy conversation with the group. We then continue our journey in silence ending with a closing circle. 

Find the hike that suits your level of experience and physical capabilities. 

The proposed hikes will be categorized for their level of difficulty and length. Hikers will be required to bring essential gear with them such as water and food. A first aid kit and other essential supplies will be carried by your guide. Registration is required. You will receive a welcome letter when you register.

Women’s Woo Woo Wilderness Weekends

Want to feel revitalized and connected with your Self and the earth?  Want to renew your relationship with your intuition, deep wisdom, and strength? 

 Spending time in nature can be healing for our Soul and spending time with women in a supportive circle can be healing for our hearts. 

Join your sisters for a weekend in the wilds. 

We will take a deep dive into our inner and outer worlds – spending time in Mindful exploration of the outdoors, embodied movement, wisdom sharing, laughing, and crying.

Connect to your own sense of ground and to Mother Earth.

Clear the cobwebs and tune into the vastness of the landscape to see across the horizon so you can see the way ahead. 

Listen to the voices and guidance of the tress, rocks, mountains, and water.

Connect to your Spirit.


Guided by women, for women.

Excursions might include camping, kayaking, hiking, or backpacking, in a variety of experience/ability levels.

Schedule and locations to be announced. 

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"Let yourself rest. Allow yourself to be replenished and nourished. Connect with the quiet wisdom of your soul. Let the molecules of consciousness reassemble in the peaceful stillness."

Laurel Bleadon-Maffei

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