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What is YOUR gift?

There are no two people on this planet alike. Everyone is unique. Everyone has their own unique vibration. Everyone has their own unique gift that they bring into this world.

You were called to do your healing work. Whether you made the decision to enter the health and healing profession from a rational and practical view or from an inner knowing, you answered the call.

Whether you have awareness of it or not, you have a very unique gift, talent, or vibration that comes through you, resonates through your work and through your clients and patients.

I would like to invite you to sense into YOUR unique gift.

When you begin to touch in on your gift, it gets illuminated. When your gift is illuminated, there is space for it to grow, expand, be nurtured, cultivated and shared. As it grows, you begin to own it. Not in an egoic possessive way but in a confident “I know who I am way”. When you own it, you let it shine more brightly. And the world needs YOU to shine more brightly!

Here are a few prompting questions to help you with your illumination process:

  • What do your clients say about your work? This is a good place to start. When your client says, “That was a great massage!” Ask them “What did you like about it?” or “What worked for you?”

  • When you are working, do you experience a shift in consciousness? Describe it.

  • How do you prepare for a session?

  • What is the quality of the energy in the room when you are working?

I will share with you one of my gifts that I have taken the time to get in touch with and articulate so that it can be further nurtured and cultivated. One of my gifts is that I willing to BE with whatever arises in a session and then hold open and sacred space for liberation. I apply this to all of the work that I do, whether it is doing craniosacral work, massage, teaching, or writing. I also endeavor to apply this to all aspects of my life – family, relationships, travel, etc.

Let your light shine

This is the perfect time of year for this kind of inquiry and introspection. As we move from the dark time to the light you can then share your gift and let your light shine even brighter! And Thank You!

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